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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How the Republicans can Win

I guess the RNC (Republican National Committee) didn’t get the memo, last November……they LOST. So now they are all atwitter about how they are going to get back in the game.

Well, first of all, when I see Mitch McConnell, John McCain and Lindsey Graham in a scrum around a microphone, I know they haven’t gotten the memo. “REPUBLICANS LOST AND YOU CLOWNS ARE WHY”.

If the Repubs want to win next go around in 2010? Here is a short list of clues how to do that. Get rid of the following party leaders:

A) Every Republican who has not read the Federalist Papers.

B) Everyone that voted FOR McClown/Feingold,Kennedy/McClown or supported Cap and Trade.

C) Every Republican that did not cry at Ronald Reagan’s funeral.

D) Every Republican that won’t support punishment-- for stealing from the people (government)--that is far more harsh than the crime.

E) Every Republican that refuses to “means test” EVERY entitlement.

F) Every Republican that refuses to drug test EVERY entitlement recipient. From corporate welfare to the those on food stamps.

G) Every Republican that thinks Al Franken, Michael Moore and David Letterman are funny.

H) Every Republican that plans on attending Ted Kennedy’s funeral.

I) And every Republican that refuses to making rooting out corruption, fraud and uninhibited greed a number one priority.

There, that might just thin the field enough that those that remain standing can actually make a difference. Good Luck in 2010

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