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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I learned today January 23rd

Obama to GOP…… I won!

Seems that the new acid test as to whether something is legal is, GET OVER IT, I WON. Well heck. Guess that opens up a whole new meaning to: “Protect, Preserve and Defend, The Constitution of the United States”. It also clarifies and defends the practices of accepting Illegal Campaign Contributions, Illegal Voter Registration and Purchasing votes with beer, cigarettes and bus rides. Now ain’t that special.

Oh, and yeah, how’s that 2nd Amendment thing workin’ for you Barack?

Casey Anthony and Rod Blagojevich…..victims

It appears that Casey “Tot Mom” Anthony and Governor“Hot Rod” Blagojevich may have something in common, other than they are both guilty as hell. Yes folks, both are claiming to be the victims. Right! Well, if they’re victims, I’m Brad Pitt.

Alligator Permits needed in Massachusetts

I never saw this one coming. In Massachusetts you need to secure a permit before you harbor an alligator. I suppose that you will also need one for a Polar Bear, Indian Elephant and a Great White Shark. On the other hand, I have heard of no such requirements for Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti or Moby Dick. And inside sources tell me there currently are no requirements for harboring space aliens, the real Santa Claus or Playboy’s Miss February.

Obama is closing Gitmo

He’s done it. Obama is closing Gitmo. Well, here’s an idea for you. We turn all the remaining prisoners loose in a Wall Mart Super Store and let them have anything they want at our expense. They’ll never leave and it will be cheaper than keeping them locked up.

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