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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Clinton Library's ATM

Heh, heh, heh. You just gotta laugh. Hillary Clinton is about to explain away just how she has nothing to do with her husband’s Presidential Library, even though she has intervened on several occasions between Library donors and Congressional committees. But what about money going OUT of the Library to charitable causes?

Well whoa there. While everyone was all busy looking into income to the Library, we forgot to look where it is--or in this case is NOT--going. Hey folks, you didn’t expect the “Schleeckmeister” to actually spend any money did you?

No, when weak-eyed Willy built his $169 million dollar Library with over $400 million in donations--think payoffs, bribes, blackmail, graft, corruption, grease or payola--beginning shortly after he left office, he had NO intention of paying out any of his booty. He does what the Hollywood elite and the guilt ridden Rich does. He raises awareness. He flies around the world giving speeches and living large, while telling the “Little People” why they should dig deep, to support any given cause de jour. But actually GIVE money, no way.

And to further illustrate just how “slick” Willy is, he often gets his flight costs, lodging, meals and other expenses paid by the very organizations that seek his support, on top of his exorbitant speaking fees. Now that’s a gold plated scam, because none of this money is taxable. You gotta love the American tax code eh?

The Bill and Hillary show looks like anything other than Bill and Melinda Gates, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward or, for that matter, Pitt and Jolie who have given tens, even hundreds, of millions for the greater good. But Billary, no way. You seldom see Bill and Hillary in the same countries, much less than the same room, unless they are doing something that elevates each others careers or profile. And you never see them handing anyone a check.

But not to worry, with Hillary as Secretary of State, you will see lots of checks. And all of them will be covered by the American taxpayers.

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