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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I learned today January 27

Bernie Kerik says life’s unfair

Bernard Kerik, New York City’s former top cop, says the legal process has been handled differently between him and Timothy Geithner. Kerik has been under fire for making false statements to Federal Investigators and fraud in the renovations to his home. Geithner, on the other hand, failed to report self employment taxes for several years. Geithner gets to be head of Treasury, Bernie gets jail.

Hey Bernie, your biggest crime wasn’t fraud, it was that you didn’t change your “R” to a “D” and submit your resume to the Obama transition team.

WWII veteran dies after power turned off

A Bay City, Michigan man was found dead in his home yesterday, apparently from hypothermia. Marvin Schur, 91, a WWII veteran had an unpaid $1000 electric bill, so we “restricted” his electricity (that means we didn’t let him have what it takes to live).

Further details were sketchy because investigators were trying to determine whether he was a Democrat or Republican, before the Media could decide whether or not it was an outrage.

Gore Global Warming Hearing, Snowed Under

With a pending ice storm in D.C., record cold in the mid-west, 50 year low temps in Canada and snow in a country that doesn’t have a word for snow, Al Gore’s Congressional Hearings on Global Warming and an urgency to act NOW have been put on ice. Storm warnings have been posted and travel restrictions have been placed on planes, trains and buses entering D.C..

But not to worry, Global Warming Zealots say this blizzard is proof of climate change. We have faxed their locations to security for pick up

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