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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sphincter Stimulus

It is not the only time in history, but the recent “party line vote” for the Democrat’s “Economic Recovery Act” reveals far more about Republicans than Democrats. Zero Republicans voted for the Act while eleven Democrats voted against it. If it had been any more split, I would have thought they were playing Dodge Ball.

Of course The Economic Recovery Act is just a polite euphemism for: “Five percent of America went on a greed rampage and put the rest of the world in a financial tailspin, so we are going to tax and regulate what’s left of working America to death, in a futile attempt to pad the bank accounts of every politician, their supporters and lobbyists, in a vain effort to unionize America at the expense of non-union businesses“.

But instead of fingering, investigating and jailing the politicians, bureaucrats, mortgage brokers and bankers that got us into this pickle, we are actually giving them MORE power and taxpayer dollars, under the guise of a “Stimulus Package“. Under this rationale, Al Capone should have been hired to run the IRS. Sheesh!

No America, we have just been had, and now those that put IT to us are telling us, we have to step up and take one for the team, because we are all in this together. Well, I disagree. First, I never benefited from this boondoggle. Second, I didn’t do anything to cause it. And third, I won’t receive any “Stimulus”, that I’m paying for, to cure it.

And under the “You couldn’t see this coming Dept.”, the Liberal Media is already predicting that this Stimulus Plan won’t be taking affect any time soon and we will probably spend another trillion or two before the economy turns around. Now to put this into perspective, if we were to give every man woman and child their share of the first trillion, it would be about $3,600 per person or about $12,000 per family. But if we paid every “taxpayer” (you know the ones that have to pay it back) it would be closer to $80,000 apiece.

So, before Democrats get all warm and fuzzy in anticipation of winning their next election, they might take a second look at the 20 plus million taxpayers that listen to Rush Limbaugh and Talk Radio, who are being mugged by the very people that they put in office.

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