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Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama's Utopia

Well we can add Brooklyn and Rockaway to the Number One priority list for our “Inevitable” president. Up there with jobs, energy conservation, green energy, foreign relations, economic stimulation, printing money, saving the middle class, and playing golf while Coney Island burns has made it a little crowded on, “The Head of the Number One pin”. Although, all that ‘winning an election’ seemed to be paramount at a very ugly time indeed, what with Bengazi, Fast and Furious, Hurricane Sandy and rigging the vote. I mean a man can do just so much when dodging a mulligan.

Ah yes, the folks from Staten Island to Long Island are now the poster children for the rest of us in the second Obama administration. Shattered lives, lost homes, no power or water, little medical care, non-existent transportation, power struggles between entrenched unions and non-union relief personnel and that’ll be between disasters.

Yes, welcome to Obama’s Utopia. Where arrogant narcissism meets self inflicted ignorance. A place where promises outweigh action, intentions collide with performance and results elude Central Planning. A place where the stroke of a pen is the last action fulfilling a presidential command. And just like the “Jobs Counsel”, the Justice Dept. investigations and the State Department commissions, the only thing getting done is ‘time’ itself.

Welcome to a place and time where the Exalted Leader proclaims solutions for runaway problems that defy logic, reason or any stretch of a semi- intelligent imagination. All of which is accepted by 50% of an electorate that is either fundamentally illiterate, entitlement addicted, or are bathing in the Kool Aid provided daily by the media or tabloid personalities.

Meanwhile the rest of us are thunderstruck with the lunacy or shocked by patently contrived policies designed to expand government, backfill pension losses, prop up union bosses and funnel federal tax dollars to more union jobs, just somewhere south of 8% of our nation’s non-governmental work force. A small target being deluged with billions in non-refundable dollars.

Yessir, this next four years will be an obliteration of everything we have held dear for over 200 years. And no amount of ‘legal’ resistance will make a dent in the carnage. We are So Screwed.

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