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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Suffering the Consequences

Having had a couple of weeks to digest the aftermath of Nov. 6, I have come to the conclusion that America is So Screwed.

Conservatives know what happened. It is the RINOs from Main Street to Madison Ave, that haven’t figured it out. They blame everyone and every thing but themselves. “It was a failure to reach out”, “We didn’t bring the youth, women and Hispanics into the tent”, or “We didn’t excite our base”.


How about you took your base for granted! How about you dismissed Conservatives, with the blanket slogan, “Who you gonna vote for…Obama?” How about you ignored and marginalized someone that garnered about 5 million votes you DIDN’T get….Sarah Palin. How about my neighbor’s dog has a better judgment of people than the GOP political machine!

No, Romney, the GOP Party leaders and all the RINO talking heads missed one of the most important elements of winning an election….they didn’t stand for anything, just more of the same.

When you have the likes of John Boehner--who lacks the will to stop smoking--as your last firewall against Harry Reid, Valarie Jarrett, Barack Obama and Republican governors who cannot clean up their own election systems, you are most certainly doomed.

Dumbplumber has adopted a new reality when it comes to elections. Conservatives will never again win in the ballot box, but rather in Kevlar. Those that vote for a living and those that cultivate them must suffer the consequences of their actions.

If anyone disagrees, they are welcome to show me ANOTHER way forward.


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