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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Deluding the Sheeples

This is a response to a bunch of pencil pushing, temporarily deluded, Palin supporters actually believing a pro Sarah article written in the L.A. Times.

Sorry to have missed a bunch of this thread, but I actually have to work for a living. I’m back for lunch and I’ve seen more serious and constructive conversation on how to keep a puppy from crapping on the floor. And I might add, more convincing.

Look people, the typical campaign for both the Primary and the General election are now forever changed. It is no longer the candidate that characterizes the situation with promises of logical and common sense solutions. It is now the one that “mischaracterizes” the situation then pulls solutions out their ass, which causes the least amount of pain to the voters that will win these elections. The world is NOW upside down. Isn’t anyone watching what’s taking place with the UN, with the Middle East or with our Debt and spending?

If you can’t get a headline on CNN or the MSM that reflects why our government hung four Americans out to dry in Bengazi, who among you is deluded enough to believe that Sarah Palin will get more than 5 minutes of biased, deranged and destructive coverage over the course of another campaign. They will treat her like a leper with the bubonic plague.

All I’m hearing is, “WE HAVE TO TRY”. Well, boo, hoo, hoo, I’m here to tell you that, Steers try, Bulls do.

I’ve said this before on other blogs: Our solutions in the future will not be in the voting booth, but in Kevlar. I’ll let you brain trusts figure that one out.

When and until someone makes those responsible for the most corrupt and fraudulent election in America’s history pay for their actions--in a very painful and public way-- the outcome of the next one will be no different.

Get over yourselves, as long as you remain a debating society, nothing is going to change. Or, in other words, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

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