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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Disastrous History

You know, history is a hoot. Take disaster relief for instance. Whether it be earthquakes in Italy, Greece, China or Upchuckistan, floods in So. America, the Philippines, or Costa Rica or volcano eruptions in Venezuela, Chile, or the Mediterranean, America has planes in the air and on the ground in the affected area within hours.

In fact, there is nowhere in the world experiencing a natural disaster that America isn’t first in line providing food, water, clothing and shelter via an air force second to none in the world. Our capacity to move goods and personnel within hours of a disaster is unparalleled among all the developed countries, and in fact often provide services relief into another developed country before they can…..until now.

Seems that Coney Island, Rockaway and parts of Long Island have become parts of inter-galactic orbs, since hurricane Sandy came on shore less than two weeks ago. Incredibly, federal disaster relief is virtually non-existent for the victims, who are mere miles from the financial capital of the world. It is also curious that the networks, who didn’t have to cart equipment and personnel half way around the world to capture the desperation and devastation, are suspiciously silent on the White House incompetence, during this historic disaster. Our current administration notwithstanding.

Now to be fair, whilst fresh water and abundant food is available less than 100 miles away, the mere fact that semis bearing these relief supplies don’t have the toll clearances, proper permits or union drivers to deliver these vital supplies to hurricane victims, 10 days after the storm, speaks volumes. Nay, even the National Guard has been banned from assistance to victims because they carry guns to maintain order in the mean streets owned by gangs and thugs. And that is just the union goons.

No, America is lost if we can’t get Spam and Sparkletts from Pennsylvania to Long Island in 10 days, or close air support just 45 minutes away from a seven hour massacre, but somehow can manage to get the Commander-in-Chief from a historic disaster on the East Coast to the Las Vegas Strip in less than 4 hours, for a fundraising event.

We are So Screwed.

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