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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Don't Blame Me

Can we please cut out all the post election crap! “Republicans didn’t have a ground game”, “They couldn’t get out the vote”, “the GOP couldn’t get the women or the young voters”, ….etc, etc. Horsehockey!

Hey, here’s a vowel or two and a few clues I will give you for free. You got your butts kicked because you wouldn’t listen. You wouldn’t listen to common sense, you wouldn’t listen to reason, you wouldn’t listen to those fully invested in saving America, not just saving the GOP status quo, which BTW is what you just lost anyway. You talked and talked, but you wouldn't listen.

Once you blow the wax out of your ears, once you pull your heads out of your posteriors, once your closest friends and family slap the ever loving crap out of you, you might consider that you are on the wrong side of both history and an election that you should have won in a cakewalk.

You lost for the same reason you continue to raise the Debt Ceiling. You lost for the same reason you let ObamaCare waltz through Congress, with a whimper instead of a brawl. You lost because you keep backfilling bad debt, bad decisions and bad union pensions with good taxpayer money. You lost because there isn’t a testicle among you, Congresswomen notwithstanding.

You lost because you have more interest in protecting your pay and benefits than protecting those that are paying for them. You lost because you squandered your T.V. facetime whimpering about the lack of bi-partisanship instead of calling out your Leftard colleagues for the Commi/Facsist bastards they are. You lost because you are far more comfortable making promises than keeping them.

So don’t start on me about poor turnout, don’t start on me about “not getting out your message”--I got your message, I didn’t believe it and I hung up on your campaign beggars, who wouldn’t do something as simple as taking me off your list or stop interrupting my dinners.

 Quite frankly I stopped listening to you after you trashed, mocked and dismissed your Primary competition and shut them out of your campaign. You piss on my friends, you piss on me. Now I’m pissing on you. So while you’re out here in your car elevator, licking your wounds, just remember unlike your elevator, ours goes all the way to the top. Dumbplumber

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