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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good News Nov. 6th

There is some good news coming out after Nov. 6th. Well, er, uh, good news for your conscience anyway. No longer will you have to wrestle with that angel that was parked on your shoulder telling you to not do this or that. That angel got taken out with a 12 gauge by the Progressives and Liberals on Black Tuesday.

Given that America’s majority no longer believes that killing innocent citizens or law enforcement agents precludes qualification to be either Attorney General or President, taking out a bad guy or just someone that annoys the ever loving crap out of you will no longer keep you awake at night. That is if you are a loyal Democrat. Ditto on hiding or concealing evidence of a conspiracy among your brethren, as long as they are in as deep as you are.

No longer will you have to hide your assets from investigators, seeking compensation for bad investments, that lost your investors billions when you plundered segregated accounts like rats invading your grain silo. No sir, if you had the best of intentions and have already spent your commissions, revealing your multiple vacation homes and yachts and jets, parked around the world is no longer going to affect your digestion or appetite for the next deal, as long as you donated to Obama.

From Nov. 6th forward, murder, fraud, conspiracy, cover-ups, theft and mayhem will no longer be the exception, but the rule…if you’re a Democrat. For instance, if you owe the IRS $5000 right now, they will hound you to the hubs of hell, take your bank accounts, your income, even sell your home. But if you’re an illegal alien, you can count on tens of thousands in benefits being handed to you just for the asking. As if 63 million idiots isn't enough.

Now if this doesn’t suck, nothing does. We are So Screwed.

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