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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

GOPs Folly

Well, it’s over, sort of. What 10 million said in 2008, only 3 million said in 2012, we are a nation of idiots. Voters have spoken, no doubt some three, five, maybe ten times. Hell, with 44 million on food stamps, eight million new disability claimants and over 23 million still on unemployment, these ‘entitled’ alone could have put the first Fascist President back in office.

Although a cynic like me still has a hard time swallowing the results. Over the past four years, Obamaniacs have been dropping like flies. Jilted Big Business partners dumb enough to buy into his rhetoric, after millions in losses, booted his cheerleading fundraisers in the caboose and out the door. Legions of disgruntled investors took him off speed dial and ripped up his Christmas cards. And that was before he began running for his second term.

Millions of dreamers caught up in the hysteria of Obamacare--the single largest Tax and Spend scam ever perpetrated upon a country--were brought out of their stupor, once someone actually read it. Millions more were displaced, when their non-union companies were completely ignored when it came time to dole out the hundreds of billions in Porkulus contracts. But that was just the beginning.

In the last two years, the crop failure of all that “government investment” in green energy was just beginning to come to no fruition. When the billions poured into the black hole of mother Gaia decided NOT to come back in the fruit salad as promised. Instead it was sucked up by bloated salaries, bonuses and union construction jobs that lasted longer than the companies they were building for.

Meanwhile the GOP in their imminent wisdom plucked the most successful ‘Ken" doll they could find to take down the Campaigner-in-Chief. Of course, to do this the Grand ole Party proceeded to steam roll all other up- and-comers, including the Tea Party supported favorites, dismissing anyone other than Old-Rich-White guys as unsuitable to run for this position.

Towards the end, tens of billions, the government extorted from all taxpayers added to trillions more borrowed from China and other suckers looking to buy into America, was used to prop up the failing auto industry, while they, the Big Two, shed anything that smelled of non-union. The net affect was billions were lost by innocent investors and workers in an illegal bankruptcy, that will never be rectified by an Eric Holder Justice Dept.

Adding to this disgrace, Fast and Furious and the more recent Benghazi Massacre were treated like misspelled words in a term paper, by the Left Wing MSM. A few dead bodies are just acceptable losses in a war against common sense and reason.

But from the beginning, Executive Orders kept everyone on the Right off balance, as the tsunami of directives and regulations from Federal agencies and the growing roster of Czars flooded America with distractions, too numerous to mention, much less than highlight in the evening news cycle.

It cannot be ignored that Conservatives were never part of the equation. Because between the arrogance and dismissiveness of the GOP, combined with a steady drumbeat of “stupid Tea Baggers” from the Left, those with cooler heads were never in the game.

In the final days, the polls had it exactly wrong. Wonderstruck with the dozens of newspaper turnarounds and withdrawn support of former Democrat allies, hundreds of Big Business leaders abandoning ship, thousands of shuttered businesses, tens of thousands losing rock solid retirements, hundreds of thousands driven back into the workforce because of inflation and reduced retirement and millions facing bankruptcy, through no fault of their own, the GOP began believing their own rhetoric.

A Nevada Odds Makers could not have staged a more believable outcome--in fact most didn’t. The Chicago thug, the Community Organizer, the Campaigner in Chief and America’s biggest apologist has forfeited seven tenths of his last victory to eeck out another. Wow, who could have seen this coming except his unions, his political thugs and a campaign machine who knows how to win…one way or another.

Forget the Wednesday morning quarterbacking and second guessing. While the Economic Wunderkind and the GOP, wearing black arm bands, will never understand why they lost. Licking their wounds, The GOP will forever be trying to figure out how come they lost an election by 3 million votes, when they considered the Tea Party--a movement of 15 million-- as irrelevant and too conservative. Nevermind that 'moderate' Republicans have lost the last two presidential elections, one would have thought Paul Ryan, the numbers guy would have seen this coming. We are STILL so Screwed.

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