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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making California Count

This is in response to a recent column from Tom Elias, printed in the Record Searchlight:

Well Tom, there are many ways to make California count. But none of them are what you have in mind, or were shared by your cadre of Lefties. Since the ballot box isn’t going to get’ur done, we are left with some interesting alternatives.

One: Shut off the electricity to every “Greenie” in California. Make ‘them’ live like they want the rest of us, on renewable energy ONLY… first.

Two: Make all the “Liberals” drive electric, hybrid or bean fart powered vehicles. That includes commercial vehicles, if any of them actually own a business.

Three: Have all the folks that registered as Democrats split the cost of the ‘High Speed Rail to Nowhere‘. We will soon learn how much they love throwing good money at a bad idea.

Four: Every time the unions in California get a raise or entitlement junkies get a cost of living increase, make it law to extend the raise to ‘every’ employed person in the state. We’ll soon see how much these fools like inflation.

Five: All pension and benefit plans for union workers shall be extended to every worker in the State. And in the case of the uber-wealthy Lefties, everyone they have employed in their factories, farms or businesses, where ever they are, gets paid the same as in California. Let’s see how much the Left likes it when everyone is on the same playing field.

Six: In the event that none of these alternatives interest those that have chosen to make California the ugly step child or laughing stock of the planet, perhaps an open season on left-wing nut bags. If you are proposing any policy, law, regulation or fee that is unsustainable in practice, you will be hunted down and dealt with by a very ugly old Italian lady with a hairy eyeball. In the alternative, you can just turn yourself in to any biker bar for the “Posterior kicking of your Life“.

There, that ought to make a difference.



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Toby Crane said...

You have a very interesting. I am amazed by some of the articles. Thanks for sharing about all the dumb plumbers in the world. It's good to know that someone has a sense of humor.