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Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Affair to Remember

General David Petraeus announced that he is resigning due to an extramarital affair. He admitted that he had been back-dooring President Obama and would make every effort to comfort Michele during his period of atonement. Just kidding.

However, Petraeus is about to admit that resigning over an affair was easier than admitting that he failed to send aid to Ambassador Stevens when he (Stevens) was begging for his life. Believe me when I tell you that Bengazi was a day in the park next to a night with Mrs. Petraeus since this news broke.

Furthermore, since Petraeus no longer needs to protect his job, we might see some very interesting testimony at the upcoming Congressional hearings. It’s one thing to cover your ass, to protect your position, your agency and your president. It’s quite another to forever sully your reputation to protect a mad Marxist on his way to taking over our country, transforming our entire economy and burying our Constitution under the Communist Manifesto dustcovers…..forever.

And not to belabor the issue, but Gen. Petraeus has the one and only opportunity to turn the tables on THIS White House in front of hundreds of lawmakers, thousands of political lackeys and millions of viewers….but will he?

Hey Dave, time to fish or cut bait. Time to show what you are truly made of. Time for you to honor the “Oath of Office” you took in the military then again as CIA director. Time for you to do what no one else--charged with enforcing the Constitution--has the cojones to do.

No Dave, the time has long ago passed for you to do the right thing. It is now time for you to do the ONLY thing left to do to turn this country around. Never again--though you may write a book or two--will you have the opportunity to atone for your sins against America.

Suck it up Dave. Grow a pair. Man up. Do the right thing. Remember that your $100k plus a year retirement, complete with unlimited healthcare, is not only sacrosanct, but something that none of the rest of us could dream about. Remember, it is us, not you, that are so Screwed. Yeah, like this is going to happen.

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