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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Annie's Helper 2-13-08

Today's basket case is "Crying Inside", whose husband has experienced a radical emotional change since he took a management position. Seems he comes home and yells at her and her daughter to let off steam. Yes, he always apologizes but the abuse is intolerable.

What is "Crying" to do?


Dear "Crying Inside":

Your husband and your brother-in-law before him were both in over their heads. They lacked not just the temperment, but the training to be managers. Furthermore, your husband is confusing "being civil" to the co-workers with being effective. Therefore he is failing at both.

Take your husband down a notch or two, the sooner the better. Tell him to get proper training in his new position or get a new position. A "cost benefit analysis" is revealing that his new position is costing more than it is benefiting.

Best regards, The Dumbplumber

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