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Sunday, February 10, 2008

McCainiac Memo

Memo to the Conservative unifiers:

Time for all you McCain supporters, whether past, present or future to get a simple message. We true conservatives will not vote for McCain, no matter what. Unlike you “win at any cost” RINOs, we have short tempers and long memories. Time for America to get a reality check and Hillary is the one to give it to them.

Perhaps you should begin rebuilding Conservative trust for the 2012 election, it’s too late for this one. With the election of either Obama, Hillary or McCain (I can’t help but notice you have already written off Romney) this country is about to experience the most profound change in recent history. They all promised change and by God there will be change, just not the change they imagined. Think a 6000 Dow.

George and the current Congress are in the midst of a spending spree unparalleled in the history of this country, and there is no end in sight. Of course when the crushing debt is beyond our ability to pay, there will be a hue and cry for taxpayers to suffer painful tax increases to help out Uncle Sam. Well folks, if you can’t deal with the pain now, many won’t help you with it later. Your unfettered gluttony at our public trough has left a taste in our mouths even Listerine can’t get out.

Here is a short tutorial for you RINOs. Learn what the terms core values, principles, character, honor and patriotism are. After your mommies explain it to you, get back to me and maybe we can have a civil conversation, where you can start by apologizing to me for being such insufferable asses. And in the meantime, you can save your “rally around the nominee for the sake of the party” spiel. The current “party” is the problem, not the answer.

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