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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


If we know anything about Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions, it is that she will have Universal Healthcare, hell or high water. And to make this happen, Mrs. Clinton will make you pay, even if they have to send jack-booted Brown Shirts to collect. Think asset seizure and foreclosure.

Personally I would rather see Universal Auto Repair Insurance instead. At least it would keep a few million mechanics employed and tens of millions of cars running smoothly, but that’s another story. The difference between the two is that 90% of medical patients will get well without attention, cars don‘t. So perhaps we should take a closer look at Hillary’s program in action.

With insurance cards in hand, clinic and hospital waiting rooms will be packed with patients waiting for treatment for influenza, hangnails, blisters and paper cuts. And if you didn’t have the flu when you went in for that booster shot, you will have it when you leave. Not so for well oiled machines, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Just imagine a major epidemic of any kind, packed hospital rooms, patients in hallways, lines outside clinics, staff and medicine shortages, citizens demanding the same accommodations that Hillary would enjoy at the Congressional Taj Ma Hospital. In Hillary’s vision of viral nirvana, chaos will be King.

And we can’t go without mention of the bureaucracy required to implement and execute the Hillarycare Act. With over 300 million clients, it will take tens if not hundreds of thousands of employees to administer, manage, micro-manage, collect and bank receipts and tens of thousands more to call, harass and strong-arm those delinquents, who don’t have Hillarycare payments taken directly out of their paychecks.

Envision an army of door knockers, arm twisters and knee breakers hunting down and extracting monthly payments from millions of small business operators, who for whatever reason fail to pay for something they may never use. But look on the bright side, millions of practicing alcoholics, serial drug abusers, the self inflicted slackers and the professionally disabled will have the same medical coverage as the rest of us.

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