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Monday, February 11, 2008

McCain Madness

The current brouhaha over Conservatives not supporting McCain is gaining much traction by the Mainstream Media. Seems they are just twitterpated over the exodus of Conservatives bolting away from McCain. Of course in their glee they are ignoring the backroom shenanigans of the Clinton and Obama camps.

I cannot speak for my Conservative brethren, but I can share my personal differences with Liberals, whether they come with a "D" or "R".

The Iraq War: Anyone armed with a map of the Middle East, the sworn declarations of Radical Islam, the post-Desert Storm surrender agreements of Saddam Hussein, his endless violations of UN sanctions, the known capabilities and propensity of the Iraqi president to use chemical and biological agents, or the proximity of Iraq to a staggering amount of the earth's proven oil reserves would understand our invasion. To NOT have invaded Iraq would have rewarded Saddam for his ongoing genocide, while setting the stage for a radical Islam takeover, which would be little less than a launching pad for Biblical Prophecy

Illegal Immigration: To open your borders is to jeopardize your sovereignty. To reward the invaders with jobs and entitlements will guarantee the loss of it.

Abortion: I have no dog in the abortion controversy other than publicly paid abortions for some irresponsible women using them as birth control and others who simply wish to ignore the consequences of their actions. I have no objection to the few that protect the life of the mother and claim no jurisdiction over those that pay for their own health care.

Rights and entitlements: I take particular umbrage with those that would deny citizens of any rights granted under the Constitution. And I firmly believe that abuses of our entitlement system will most certainly bankrupt our benevolent society. These programs, launched as safety nets, have morphed into retirement programs for those refusing to contribute to society and fraud for those using them as supplemental income.

States Rights: The Federal Government has assumed far more power over the individual States than our Constitution ever granted it. Time for a wake up call and resurrection of States Rights or succumb to a complete Federal takeover.

Election Rules: We should either establish some responsibility and accountability or just call it the flesh eating contest it is. Better we should drop any pretense of civility, legality or legitimacy and turn the campaigns, congressional hearings and candidate debates into the smack down, primetime, cage matches that mark the Indonesian system of government.

Not a small part of America's apathy towards the criminal justice system comes directly from the wholesale violation of a host of laws enacted to make the election process fair and equitable. And if our future Commander in Chief, the top law enforcement officer in the country, is ignoring the Federal Election laws in the name of "politics", they shouldn't be surprised when an offended electorate likewise picks and chooses the laws they want to obey.

The sweet irony to our election process is that, as a single body, the U.S. Congress has few challengers in being the most corrupt, collusive and disingenuous group gathered on the behalf of others.

Time for Liberals, both Republican and Democrat, tell us all what they stand for, what they believe, what they want their government to do and above all, what wishes expressed by our Founding Fathers they do not understand.

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