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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Right Moving Left

Sometimes stopping just isn't enough. Sometimes you have to back up a little, turn off the key and reflect before proceeding. And if there ever was a time to stop, backup and reflect on where the Republican Party is going, this is the time.

For instance the Grand Old Party has rallied around one of the last two men standing in what has been characterized as the Presidential primary process, but has far more similarities to a County Fair pie eating contest. The Good Ole Boys claim he possesses the conservative values embraced by the Party and that all with an "R" next to their names should fall in line, just like some fraternity pledges.

When I was in high school I was mesmerized by a president that said, "Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country". Of course that was Jack Kennedy...a Democrat. The same man who stared down the Soviet Union over missiles going to Cuba.

Another Democrat, Martin Luther King Jr. said, " judge a man by his character, not the color of his skin". He championed the cause of equal rights, not special rights for African- Americans.

Neither of the above demanded endless entitlements or special privileges. Both called for "opportunities" not quotas . They knew you should be chosen for a job based on your qualifications, but you kept it with performance, loyalty and character, not a security clause in a union contract.

So the point here is it is not whether I have left my party, but whether my party has left me. It cannot be argued that on defense, equal rights and entitlements alone, the position of the Democrat Party has moved significantly to the left. But I would add that today's Repub's have moved well to the left of the space the Dem's vacated with their spending sprees on entitlements and pork barrel projects, while they routinely capitulate with the Left on National Security issues.

I would submit that Conservatives don't need to create another party, we just need the Republicans to start acting like the Party they claim to be.

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