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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Annie's Helper 2-16-08

Today's house wrecker is "Married Daughter" who, due to financial circumstances moved into Mom's home a year ago, with hubby and kids. Mom stays in her nearby condo. Out of some sense of fairness, "Married" and family pay the monthly bills and do maintenance as needed. There is no mention of rent.

The problem is that "Mom" drops by every day, uses her key, and just walks right in, no announcement, no knocking, no nothing. "Married" is annoyed that Mom is invading their privacy, disrupting family conversations and interrupting "Married" when she is working on "important papers". What is "Married" to do?


Dear "Married Daughter",

You really are a piece of work. And unless those “important papers” you refer to happens to be a lease application for another house, you should shut your pie hole.

Thank God “Mom” had a condo to go to. She needed to get away from you home invaders, to maintain her sanity. She stops by her own house every day to make sure it’s still there. She interrupts your conversations, because the last time she didn’t interrupt, you talked her into letting you cretins move in. Mom uses her key, because it is her house, not yours. If you want her to give up her key, buy her house. Or better yet, cash in those valuable papers and go buy your own place.

And if you think you’re annoyed, ask “Mom” how she feels.

Very truly yours, The Dumbplumber

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