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Monday, February 02, 2009

Snap Crackle Kennedy

I don’t know when the light bulb came on, but it was somewhere between gangsters and modern day tax cheats. The missing link was “where” did they park their tens or hundreds of millions. It sure as hell wasn’t a coffee can in the back yard or with their cousin Vinnie. Nor was it a passbook account at 2% interest, reporting to the IRS, with a FDIC guarantee to $100,000. No we’re talking about accounts of tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, with maybe as much as 5 to 12 trillion dollars sitting offshore.

You don’t need to tell me they are invested in the Market, Mutual Funds or Bernie Madoff. Oh maybe a few mil, but not the big bucks. Remember, they have to show a few bucks to the tax man, while losing a few million to Madoff is a great write off for The Barbara Streisand or The Britney.

So where does Spielberg, Madonna, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, the Wall Street tycoons and guys like Michael Bloomberg stash their obscene cash, while trying to sway public opinion, form political alliances and foment hatred for Conservatives and hard working Rednecks. Hell Bubba, that’s easy…..Off Shore Holdings.

Why do you think Caroline Kennedy bowed out of the New York Senators seat? Her housekeeper’s payroll taxes, her children’s illegal alien Nanny, her Brain Dead Uncle? Hell No. It was her offshore un-taxable trusts, her living in a building owned by one of her offshore partnerships, her paying her bills and living off of a diamond encrusted, platinum plated credit card on a Cayman Bank. In fact, if you took away all her Offshore resources, she would be a New Jersey bag lady.

And quite frankly, with one Kennedy Offshore Trust Baby in the Senate, America didn’t need another one squandering our hard earned money, telling us to do more with less, buying votes with entitlements and leading us into oblivion, while jetting around the world in opulence, with Limousine Liberals. Miraculously we didn’t get one.

Fortunately, the Blind Govna from New York even saw what was coming.
You go David Paterson. But hey, I could be wrong. The Dumbplumber

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