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Monday, February 02, 2009

How the Dumbplumber Sees It.

The Economic Stimulus Package…First, I never benefited from this boondoggle. Second, I didn’t do anything to cause it. And third, I won’t receive any “Stimulus”, that I’m paying for, to cure it.

Abortion. Abortion! What about abortion? I’m a man, I don’t need an abortion. But I will tell you this. What a woman wants to do with her body is her business. When she wants me to pay for it, it’s my business.

Health Care… Want to cut government health care costs by 30%? Make every citizen eligible for public health insurance, stop smoking, drink in moderation, eat balanced meals get, regular exercise. Want to cut it by 60%? Take away the lawyers Put a $250k cap on malpractice awards.

Welfare….Stop public assistance to individuals at either existing family members or no more than 1 additional child after enrollment. Drug tests to qualify all recipients. Suspension for any drug or alcohol convictions.

War on Drugs…..Drug tests for all receiving government income. Employees, govt. contractors or their employees, welfare, food stamp or college assistance. Everybody. The added benefit would be to essentially stop the murders by Drug Lords in Mexico, Central and South America.

War on Fraud, White Collar Crime, Government Corruption….Every scofflaw serves a minimum of 5 years in a High Security Federal facility, with murderers, rapists and arsonists, while wearing a pink jumpsuit. Additionally, they are stripped of all their assets, including those acquired by spouse while married to offender.

Tax Dodgers (including offshore havens)…Put a 20% tax free bounty on offenders, paid to informants upon verification of assets (not conviction). If the Prosecutors can’t get a conviction, get better Prosecutors. Advise offshore bankers that America will cease visitation rights to any country that does not capitulate with banking information.

There, that should hold you for awhile.

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