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Saturday, February 07, 2009

What I learned today 2-6-09

The IRS Gold Mine

If there is to be some serious coin collected by the IRS, they might start by looking at Washington, D.C.. Seems that almost every ladder climbing politician has an issue with the IRS. So far they have collected over $200k from just 3 Obama picks for Cabinet and other high level positions. In fact, the IRS might get a copy of Barack’s Rolodex and do some mining. It’s a target rich environment.

Obama: It’s Now or Never

Barack’s recent remarks on the urgency of passing the biggest boondoggle in history, sounds more like a “hard close”, on a ‘79 Yugo, at Honest Louie’s Used Cars than any responsible legislation. Instead of actually reading the Stimulus Package, Obama is choosing to trade in his pinstripes for a neon suit, a bouffant hairdo, white belt and shoes and add another octave or two to his strident warnings that America will “Never Recover” if we don’t pass this Bill instantly.

And just like the High Fives back in Louie’s office after, “closing” on the Yugo, Barack will be passing out the cash to his henchmen, as reward for sticking the Suckers with the sorriest Pig in history.

Octuplet Mom Meets the Press
Octuplet mom, Sadya Suleman met with NBC news and mumbled her way through a lame explanation as to why she would want to clean puke, change diapers and wet nurse eight squalling nipple tuggers, 24/7 for the next few years. Suleman, questioned about the stress of housing eight humans for almost eight months in her womb says, “them little buggers stretched that puppy out so, you could park a Peterbuilt in there. She is thinking about renting it out for RV storage now, to help pay for the chillins

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