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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

“O” is for Oligarchy

Well folks, it’s official. Never before has an elected representative admitted this on TV, “America is no longer a Democracy“, adultery, theft, graft, corruption and pedophilia, YES, participating in an Oligarchy, NO.

In fact, for your information, we have never been a Democracy. For those of you that missed 8th grade Social Studies, we’ve always been a Representative Republic. A Democracy is how we elect our Representatives, not how we govern. In 1787 some really smart guys drafted our U.S. Constitution, what would become the finest governing document ever. And they made it that way on purpose. However, since then, politicians have been working hard to shred it.

The November ‘08 election ushered in a candidate who pulled NO punches about what he was about. He told us, in no uncertain terms, that he was the agent of Hope and Change. And he wasn’t lying. He was an avowed, unapologetic Socialist mingling with Communists and Terrorists and funding his client base, of mostly entitlement junkies, on the backs of hard working taxpayers. And if that didn’t give you a hint of the coming “Change“, I sincerely “Hope” you’ll seek psychiatric help, soon.

He was known as “The One” and he was all things to all people. He made promises, vows and guarantees like no politician had ever made before. And they weren’t worth the tobacco breath that uttered them. But the ignorant masses made their choice

No, what we got here folks is an Oligarchy: “When a small group of individuals wields a large portion of power and dictates the lives of the majority, it is called an ‘oligarchy‘.” (Wikipedia)

Thought you would like some Wikipedia to blow the wax out of your ears.

Hey folks, Obama is a product of Optimism, Oprah and Outright ignorance. He is single handedly destroying what’s left of our Union. Liberals, you fell for him, you voted for him, you got him, now you have to live with him.

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