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Monday, February 02, 2009

Red Ass for RNC

Dumbplumber's response to more begging for money from the RNC:


Mr. Robert “Mike” Duncan- Chairman
Republican National Committee
310 First St., S.E.
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Duncan,

I am in receipt of your latest solicitation for more of my hard earned money. Unfortunately, you started your letter as having concern for my receiving the RNC Sustaining Membership Card. Jesus Mike, you don’t give a damn whether or not I received that worthless card. Hell yes I received it. And I did what most Republicans did with it, filed it where it belongs, along with the last three or four of its brothers. You’re really pissing away some serious change on postage, Mike.

Just exactly what did you plan on me doing with this card anyway? Discount at Costco? Get me a 50 yard line seat at the Superbowl? Scrape the scum off my bathtub? Mix up a batch of body filler? First dibs with Fi Fi Laflur at the next Lodge meeting? I mean really.

Hey Mike, here’s a news flash for you. You and your brethren set there on your hands with your mouths zipped while G.W. promoted that abomination of an Immigration Plan and the first Bank Bailout. The first went into the ground after Republicans carpet bombed D.C. phones, while the second merrily put me in debt far more than I would ever have sent you, in the BEST of times.

Yes, members like me have kept you guys in limos, doughnuts, Four Star hotel rooms and 3 star hookers for years. Well, with Michael Steele at the helm, I sincerely hope that most of your perks and membership hit the road. At least Obama promised Hope and Change. You’re not even doing that. It’s just more of the same, hoping for a different outcome. (Think insanity)

Let me tell you something Mike, the future of the Republican Party is in the likes of Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin and other young Conservatives that have substance and principles rather than just an “R” next to their names. It is in leaders that will put politicians in jail for malfeasance, corruption and fraud from BOTH parties, who's approval ratings will go through the roof, with those that voted to put them in office.

Hey Mike, it’s time to pull your head out of your posterior and take a look around. The Libs are in control and all you guys can do is sit on the sidelines, hat in hand, begging for money. You want my money Mike, kick some Republican ass, then get back to me.



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