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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama..First 21 Days

A Message from our Leader

“We won. I’m boss. Get along or get over it.”

Hey, that must be some of that Hope and Change stuff. The new Felon-in- Chief “Hopes” that we don’t notice the “Change” that’s comin‘.

First he nominates a whole string of tax cheats, scofflaws and felons-in-training for Cabinet and Advisory positions. Then he immediately goes to work on Policy. Close Gitmo. Contain Hillary. Repeal everything Bush. Stroke Acmadinnerjacketandajob. Hijack the U.S. Census. Submit the biggest Spending Bill in history, then call everyone that questions it a traitor. And that’s just in the first three weeks!

Of course this will pay off most of his Mob connection debts, give the requisite boost to Unionizing America(another Mob debt), galvanize the entitlement addicted masses, superfund ACORN with enough beer and cigarette money to flood polling booths with “manufactured” Democrat voters beyond the next millennia and strike such fear in opponents as to make them vote for every harebrained, self destructive, giveaway program that comes down the pike.

The Man is a virtual Fear Mongering Machine. He has turned Free Speech on its head, demonizing dissent, quashing resistance, steamrolling opposition, demolishing disobedience. You know, The Chicago Way.

America, I believed on November 4th that we would not last beyond December 2012, or the end of the Mayan Calendar. Today, I do not believe we will last beyond July 4, 2009. An ignorant electorate has caste the First Community Organizer as The Rainmaker, a job he would never have gotten with an honest audition.

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