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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dumplumber's Shorts

In Japan it came without notice. There was no prediction, no suspicion, no foresight nor hunch. It devastated buildings, airports, streets, vehicles, ships, and yes, people.

The folks in America and especially Pearl Harbor, Hawaii just want to know, “How Does It Feel“?

GOP contenders tip toes in water: Larry (Romney) and Moe (Gingrich) have come out of hiding to be the first two of the Stooges to stick their heads up in what is going to be a hoot of an election season for the 2012 campaign for President. They still await their Curly, who has yet to be announced. But it really won’t matter, since the rest of the Keystone Cops are running around trying to chew gum and tie their shoes at the same time.

Funny how the Media Circus that is the MSM, MSNBC and CNN are just ho-humming over these possibilities. Laugh if you must, but they know that none of these pseudo-Conservatives pose any real threat to the greatest threat this nation has ever witnessed, the siding-salesman of Socialism himself.

No, not until the likes of the political 800 lb gorillas Chris Christie or Sarah Palin steps into the fray, will the above media giants so much as raise a fuss. Then out will come the knives, cannons and professional hypocrites to once again hypnotize America into a political frenzy.

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