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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Erection Elections

Say, if you were confronted by a con man, who says he wants your money for a “perpetual motion” machine, would you give it to him? Okay, I’ll answer it for you….NO! But that is precisely what many State governments are doing. And in the case of Wisconsin, the political perpetual motion machine has been exposed and it’s not going down well with the beneficiaries, especially the corrupt, greedy union leaders

You see, unions figured out, early on, if they give their Democrat politician millions in campaign contributions and he wins the election, their hand picked political ‘punk’ gets to sit on the other side of the table when “collective bargaining” happens. Then, guess what? Sprinkles, Ice Cream and Viagra happens, that’s what. Unfortunately, it’s been happening a lot in too many states for way too long.

Somewhere along the line, the parasites forgot that you must NOT kill the host. So when Governor Walker was faced with balancing his budget, he took a hard look at his costs and discovered, low and behold, that his union employees were making far more in pay and benefits than his private sector taxpayers. Oops, someone forgot to tell the newly minted Republican Governor that he was supposed to keep his lips zipped and just keep raising taxes on the citizens and keep everything quiet.

However, the recent dust-up with the unions over the $700,000 the State was paying for union prescriptions for Viagra, sort of let the cat out of the bag. And getting down into-the-weeds of the benefits revealed a history of union abuse just going from bad to worse, four hour erection jokes notwithstanding.

So, if Madison hadn’t happened, and the Viagra kerfluffle hadn‘t happened non-union taxpayers would have eventually discovered that their Governor had no clue how to run a state anyway, much less than how to cover-up waste and greed. Fortunately though, it did happen, and now is when the healing begins and the Viagra ends.

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