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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I’m sorry but I just got off the floor. Dennis Kucinich has just referred to Obama’s invasion of Libya as un-Constitutional. Oh my, my cheeks ache, my sides are splitting, I think I blew some grape juice out my nose.

Now that stains gonna be hard to get out.

Oh, I hear it at least 5 times a day right now. This is unconstitutional, that’s unconstitutional, everything is unconstitutional.

Guess what, good ole democrat James Clyburn said it best, “we just about make up everything we do”. Well now, that’s the most clear and honest assessment I’ve heard from anyone on the Hill…..ever.

Apparently most of the mouthpieces up there forget that much if not most of what they do is basically unconstitutional, but as long as they do it without confrontation, it’s okay. For instance, redistributing wealth is unconstitutional, but it hasn’t stopped Congress, hasn’t even slowed them down.

In fact, any number of government agencies are actively engaged in unconstitutional activities every day: Medicare, Medicaid, the Dept of Education, Dept. of Energy and HHS are all unconstitutional, because they overlap and overshadow similar Depts. within individual states. But who’s complaining? In fact every federal government agency that duplicates their mirror state agency is unconstitutional.

So the next time Anthony Weiner, James Clyburn or even John McCain says something is unconstitutional, don’t let it bother you. Because little else they do is either. It’s just their way of letting you know how little they know about the Constitution.

But you can rest assured that no amount of unconstitutional activity will be challenged until it involves unions, environmentalists or cross-dressing, bi-sexual, transvestite, cab driving, ex-convict pedophiles on crack. Then, by God, someone’s gonna hear a lot about the Constitution. And what you will be hearing will be from the ACLU, Alan Dershowitz, the NAACP or Gloria Alred. We are so screwed

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