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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Presidental Dopefuls

Presidential Dopefuls
Few things are more entertaining than watching Liberals make complete fools of themselves. This happened recently when Democrats, from Wisconsin, who continue to accuse Sarah Palin of “quitting” her governorship, headed off to Illinois, when they discovered that they couldn’t win in Madison. That would be quitting AND collecting a check… NO?

Moreover, the ongoing children-in-the-sandbox mentality is spreading to Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey and beyond, where Unions, Liberals and other blood sucking leaches are discovering that the “Jig” is up, the Gravy Train is off the rails and the ‘Chickens’ are bailing from their roost.

Meanwhile, the Libs are reloading their ‘Hate Palin Mantra Machine‘, ignoring completely that Palin has NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, to do with Wisconsin, New Jersey or Illinois. Those governors, have figured out the “cupboard is bare”, thank you, without the help of Sarah. And now that B. Hussein Obama has NO clothes, the folks paying taxes in those states have come to the realization that “Hope and Change” doesn’t mean what they thought it meant.

But never underestimating how low Libs will go to destroy those they fear, or how high they will reach to pick their opponents, we need to look no further than the New York Times, the L.A. Times or Salon magazine to see who their pick for the Republicans should be. So far, they are clearly looking forward to banging heads with Mitt, Mike or the Newtster. What, did they forget the perennial losers Ron Paul and Alan Keyes?

No, they are picking the 2012 losers now, so as to not recognize the one person they claim has NOT the snowball’s chance of winning, as if SHE has already been dismissed by the Republicans. What? If you are going to pick the winning loser, shouldn’t your fresh road-kill be on top of the list?

And to reveal just how perverted their efforts are, one poll revealed there is NO one on the horizon that could beat Palin in the Primaries, but that she could not beat Obama in the General Election. Say Again! Then back it up with a poll that puts ANY Republican(apparently except for Palin) an “even” chance of beating Obama in the General. Now I don’t want to go out on a limb here, but this line of reasoning should make Freud roll over in his grave.

Perhaps it would be useful, at this juncture, to stack up the former Alaskan Governor to the few top contenders of 2012.

Against the Ken Doll himself: Palin hasn’t a prayer of funding her own campaign like Mr. Romney. But she doesn’t have to. Her connection with middle America and the Tea Party will not just give her the votes of about 40% of America, but a jump start of 2 to3 hundred million bucks to get her message out.

Now I know that this won’t compare with the $1 billion in the Obama war chest. But what does it cost to abandon “Hope and Change” for whatever empty message comes next? Memo to voters: We all know what comes next is just as promising as what came before. Get over it. We all know there is no more ice cream.

Against Huckabuster: Nevermind that both Palin and Huckabee have fat contracts with Fox News, but only Palin can line up $100,000 speaking fees into infinity and beyond. Huckabee’s only hope is that he can lay off the biscuits and gravy long enough to lose the first Primary. Then it is BBQ and playing Bass with every has-been musician that comes into his studio. Now don’t get me wrong. I like Mike Huckabee, but he has surpassed the pinnacle of his abilities, in both music and politics.

Against Newt: Ahh, of all the really great orators, thinkers and pontificators, Newt is the most qualified and least electible of them all. His extra-marital affair (while in office espousing family values), will be hung around his neck like a nuclear albatross, and headlined everywhere until Nov. 2012. Good Luck with that Newt. The barracuda from Wasilla will bury you in family values, while holding her own in the speech dept. Question for Newt: How many $100,000 speeches do you have in the pipeline?

No my friends, while the “Lame Stream Media” has already written off Palin as a serious contender, don’t think for a minute that they have stopped driving over, backing up and driving over and over her political corpse. Palin is the one and only one they fear. And their hypocritical hatred for her is all the proof you need for confirmation.

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