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Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Wimps

Radio host, Leslie Marshall, doing her schtick on Fox Business’ Freedom Watch, was just giddy with orgasmic quivers when she trumpeted, that Barack Obama could not be beat in 2012, because, “Democrats have utilized the age old plan of divide and conquer“, to bust up the voting power of Republicans. She went on to allude(with a self satisfied smirk)that there is no Ronald Reagan for Republicans to vote for in November of ‘12.

Well duh Leslie, there is NO Reagan, because left wing loons figured out after Reagan that they needed to reduce, to dust, the image of anyone that threatens the loony Democrats. And they vowed to do it early and often. The shadow of Palin’s approval ratings is living proof of that.

And if anyone wants to see Chris Christie reduced to a 98lb wimp, just let him announce his candidacy. I actually look forward to this little exercise. Not because Chris needs to lose a few pounds, but simply because it would be a perfect example of what I just pointed out. It will clearly illustrate that we now have half of our population, fully represented by folks that believe in socialism and big government and will do anything to buy the votes to keep it that way.

Look for the 2012 campaigns to be a high water mark in registration and voter fraud, vote buying, campaign finance violations, voter intimidation and ballot stuffing. Forget enforcement of laws pertaining to any of the above. They haven’t started investigating all the violations of the last campaign. They aren’t investigating ANY of the constitutional violations since Obama took office and I don’t see any appetite any time soon for any. That is unless they catch a Republican jaywalking someplace, then it’s Katy bar the door.

Because if politicians are anything, they’re hypocrites, a characteristic that is painfully obvious in D.C. Meanwhile all us ‘Little People’ try to live in the shadows, cracks and crevices of America, that hasn’t been made illegal, regulated or taxed into oblivion. We’re so screwed.

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