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Friday, March 25, 2011

Let’s Get Crazy

How crazy is our debt. We are well over $14 trillion in the hole and going in further at over $4 billion a DAY! But according to a choir of Liberals, “we can’t abandon the children, the helpless, the widows and the orphans, nor the police and firemen“. Hookay. Looks like we can’t abandon the mid-level bureaucrats, entitlement junkies, millionaire NPR executives nor cowboy poets either!

I mean the little things like, Medicare admitting that they lose between $100 and $200 billion a year in waste, fraud and mismanagement. But we can’t cut that because we want to continue the waste, fraud and mismanagement! (Don’t get tired of those exclamation marks, I’m just getting started)

If cutting $6 billion a year is like pulling hen’s teeth, just think of the squawking if we cut the entire $1.3 trillion of this year’s deficit. Nevermind that implementing Obamacare starts with a $23 billion dollar hidey hole, our esteemed Rhinos can‘t cut a dollar of that, even though several federal judges have deemed it unconstitutional. That’s right, we can’t stop ‘unconstitutional’ spending. So what are our chances of stopping bloated, underhanded, double dealing dollars going out to slackers, stooges and union goons?!!!!

And we should not forget the widows and orphans of the Agriculture Dept. We can’t possibly stop the tens, if not hundreds, of billions going out to the millionaire farmers, who are getting paid to NOT farm. Yes, you heard it here first. We are in the midst of a food crisis around the world and we are paying farmers to NOT grow food. Probably because we are paying them billions more to grow corn to turn into fuel! No, I did not make that up.

Then lest we forget more billions we give to corporations like Exxon/Mobil and Chevron. They made profits in the tens of billions, but we gave them more, so they could make more! Not to forget Katrina, the 3 disasters ago disaster, that we are in to over 60 billion and still counting.

Who would want to deny the orphans and widows of PBS? NO employee of a government subsidized entity should make more than the President of the United States. The CEO of PBS makes over $900k a year, over double of that of the President. And the Dems are kicking and scratching to keep the $250 million a year flowing into that Black Hole of liberalism.

How about the widow and orphan Public Employee Pension System? Apparently the top priority of our U.S. government is to backfill union pension plans, that haven’t been audited since before Jimmy Hoffa was born. And we all know how honest ole’ Jimmy was. The bad news for ‘Barry’ was that he could only shove about $1 trillion into the system that is still over $2.5 trillion out of round. I’d love to see that balance sheet.

But not to worry, he will have another term to catch up! Right after he promised everyone ice cream, one more time.

And we couldn’t neglect our Social Security System, adopted in the late 30’s. It was an honorable jesture to grant the elderly a safety net, after years of hard work and deductions taken from paychecks to provide a minimal monthly stipend in the declining years.

Then, in the early 70’s Liberals thought it was a good idea to extend Social Security payments under SSI benefits to anyone, orphan, widow or not, who either couldn’t or wouldn’t work because of such maladies, as ADD, Dyslexia, ADHD or an even the uncontrollable urge to drink beer instead of work. Yeah, that’s responsible spending!!! What could possibly go wrong? Nooo, we can’t deprive them either.

And to not let a Rhino go unscathed, George Bush thought it was a great idea to add a “Prescription Drug” benefit to Medicare, so now we have the privilege of insuring that guys with erectile dysfunction can screw. It’s almost like government in a jar, so we can’t deny them of that!!

No my friends, now that we have had a peek behind the Liberal Curtain, it can be safe to say that, “WE ARE SO SCREWED”. And with Viagra supplied by the taxpayers, if they screw us over four hours at a time, they get to see a doctor, also at our expense.

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