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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Obama’s Top Priorities

During the ‘08 campaign, Obama had a list of “top priorities”. They were, not in order of importance: Stabilize the financial markets, create jobs, rescue the U.S. auto industry and, in his spare time, save the world.

But today, having done all that (halt for blowing chocolate milk through nose), while simultaneously putting us $4 trillion further into debt and backfilling hundreds of billions in union shortfalls (at the expense of the rest of us) he began implementing the multi-trillion dollar Obamacare, where every taxpaying American will be forced to buy health insurance.

But this just wasn’t enough for the Obaminator. Now that he has done ‘his’ job (cut for a seizure of hysteria), the rest of the world seems to be coming apart at the seams.

The European Union is in meltdown as a result of the same practices that Obama is just now implementing; the Mideast is going up in flames because of a combination of Islamic fundamentalism putting pressure on Kings, Dictators and other hand-picked Despots of U.S. leaders; and meanwhile mother nature is making wimps of world powers through earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and wildfires. So it looks like all is going to plan.

What is an elitist, intellectual Socialist to do, when he has completed his campaign promises? Well here is the new list of ‘Things to Do’:

1) Keep a seat warm for Richard Trumka’s weekly visits…. Check.

2) Fill out March Madness picks….Check.

3) Wedge in a few rounds of golf…Check.

4) Coach daughter’s basketball team…Check.

5) Plan fun vacation with family to Rio…Check.

Gee, this whole President thing almost runs itself.

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