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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shut Her Down

Okay, now I’ve had enough. How many times do we have to hear some Media inquisitor ask a Conservative politician if he would risk “shutting down government“, to make political points. Then follows a long and wandering oration softening the implication of such an act, to the extent that even suggesting it would be a radical notion. (Wimps)

Well, Dumbplumber has an idea, ‘Shut the Sucker Down’ until some sanity comes to Congress (Ok, maybe that’s unrealistic). Shut Her Down until we agree to stop paying $600 million a day just for interest on our debt; Shut Her Down until we agree to stop borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend; Shut Her Down until we stop padding the health and pension benefits for 12% of the population, at the expense of the remaining 88%; Shut Her Down until we agree to stop placing administrative barriers between the nation’s businesses and success. Yes, Shut Her Down.

No one can argue that government has recognized that success of its private sector is the key to increasing taxes. However, what they fail to recognize is that by maintaining and adding to the morass of regulation already on the books is like tying a bowling ball to an Olympic swimmer, then expect them to bring home the Gold. Hell, our resident Nobel Peace Prize-Winner-in-Chief can’t even bring the Olympics to the U.S., so how do we expect him to adopt anything that smacks of ‘the ability to succeed’ in our business community?

Additionally, the Community Organizer-in-Chief thinks giving $4 billion to Brazil ($2.3 billion of which we borrowed from China) to explore for oil there, is an answer to America’s energy problem. He thinks that partnering with GE (who builds or buys solar and wind components from their operations overseas) is his key to imposing alternative energy on the U.S.. (Especially, interesting is that GE nets over $3 billion here, but doesn’t pay any income taxes here). He demands that Government Motors (GM) and Chrysler build electric cars, that only 5% of the nation wants, but now all taxpayers subsidize, then makes no plans for the grid and infrastructure to support a performance model that the cars will never meet.

He ’steamrolled’ Congress, under Pelosi and Reed, into cramming through Obamacare, in the dead of night and unread, which allows the government takeover of 6% of the nation’s economy, then enlists an army of mouthpieces to travel the nation and networks hawking the legislation that is un-Constitutional at best. He then double downs on irresponsibility by inserting his Justice Dept to delay legal challenges until implementation is well beyond the point of no return. (Which is right after his re-election, where he plans to blow the last of his ice cream, sprinkles and whipped cream with a cherry on top, “So help me, Me”.

Blocked Constitutionally from borrowing any more money, his Treasury Dept. sells bonds to the Federal Reserve to raise yet more money for which taxpayers are obligated, then encourages the Fed into selling yet more bonds to cash strapped states that cannot repay, due to pension and benefit obligations, to union employees that refuse to be denied representation.

Then facing certain bankruptcy with unsustainable debt, our Lawn Jockey-in-Chief decides to invade ‘another’ Muslim country, without consent of Congress, hurling billions in exploding assets at one of the few solvent dictators on the planet. Apparently, the last ‘solvent’ nations are drilling and selling their own oil, while simultaneously skimming U.S. foreign aid to not launch rockets at either the U.S. or Israel. (Nice work if you can get it)

And finally, facing a debt that is approaching over 100% of our annual GDP, the Spender-in-Chief realizes that America is growing weary of the charade, so it’s time for some austerity. (Yeah right, just before the 2012 campaign) Meanwhile, every dime spent from the Federal treasury will go to sustaining the government status quo and union jobs in the private sector.

So given the obvious outcome of these policies, Dumbplumber definitely supports “Shutting Her Down”. Because if we don’t, the Liberals and RHINOS will just keep on keep’n on.

America is on a collision course with a Socialist take over. It is a possibility still if we Shut Her Down. But it is a certainty if we don’t.

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