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Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Starts the Wars?

Now this isn’t a hard question, but I suspect there are many who think they have the answer…..However, they would be wrong.

Most will say that the Pentagon start wars. Many others would say that reckless politicians start the wars (and they would be partly right, but for the wrong reasons). Yet many others would guess that despots, bloody dictators and tyrants start the wars when they massacre their own people. And again, they would be partly right---with reservations.

And to throw another wrench into the mix, many will answer that Western countries, thirsty for oil, start wars to keep the spigots flowing. But this is only one ingredient in the formula.

No my friends, none of the above start wars even though they all will play a roll in one way or another in most wars.

Dumbplumber is convinced that the Media is what starts wars, television, with the 24/7 cycles of cable news, and to a lesser extent, radio and newspapers capitalizing on the sensationalism of their video brethren.

Even going back to Vietnam the television scenes of the ruthless killing of innocent civilians haunted freedom loving Americans until political pressure sent the first ‘advisors’ in to document and assist the organized resistance in the south. And as they say, we saw how that worked out.

You give me a rogue dictator (probably receiving U.S. aid), a valuable resource (oil, mineral or vegetable), violent attacks on civilians and throw in Cable News and I will give you a war. Because no politician wants to be blamed for genocide.

Now, give me 3 days of a war and I will give you footage of the U.S. military being blamed for civilian casualties. Here’s a hint, keep reporters out of these countries and the Media won’t churn the feelings of our politicians, who won’t seek intervention and ergo, the military won’t harm civilians, because that’s what happens during war. Get over it.

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