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Friday, January 11, 2008

Annie's Helper, January 10,2008

January 10, 2008

Today’s expired milk carton is “Shocked and Re-shocked”, whose mother recently passed away. Seems that she felt sorry for step-dad and invited him for dinners and to stop by for visits. Well, Pops apparently thought this included the possibility of conjugal visits as well, to the extent he asked to see “Shocked” naked.

“Shocked” always thought of Daddy Dearest as her father and the grandfather to her children. Of course, she hasn’t told hubby or her grown children. Hubby and kiddies are beginning to wonder why “Shocked” is shunning grand daddy. Things have gotten so bad, she won’t answer the door or phone for fear of confronting the Grand Munster.

What is “Shocked” to do?


Dear “Shocked”:

As a friend of mine often says, “things have ‘cammed’ over”. And this situation is no different. It makes little difference whether Daddy Dearest is traumatized from the loss of your mother or whether he is in pre-dementia. His expressed desires reach back 25 years, which makes you and your mom his first picks for a “mother/daughter” fantasy.

If you have any wishes to see him no harm, definitely do NOT tell your husband or children, as I, as a practicing spouse, would absolutely rearrange his features, as a token of my displeasure.

Time to cut step-Daddy loose. No need to explain anything to anybody, because either you will be a liar or accomplice to his disfigurement. Keep your trap shut and Taser handy.

Good Luck, The Dumbplumber

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