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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Your Daily Hillary 1-25-08

What with all the political coverage you would think America had had about enough of Hillary Clinton. I know, I know a few minutes each hour is hogged up by Britney, Lindsay or the latest dead celebrity, but the rest is all Hillary, all the time. Now to be fair, Bill is on much of the time, but he is trying to get himself back in Hillary’s Whitehouse, so it is still about Hillary.

Time for a little perspective. Hillary has a past, a sordid, shady, questionable past, that no mainstream media is covering. A past that is in direct contrast to her present. And it isn’t all about makeup, makeover or pantsuits.

Hillary leaves a trail of dead bodies, lies and cover-up second to none. And to make my job easier, it is all on Google. Now to take the partisan position out of it, I will only deliver to you the Liberal version of events, as we all know that only Liberals tell the truth. These tales of horror will be brought to you from those that worked for Hillary, with Hillary and around Hillary during her years as First Lady of Arkansas and the United States.

Perhaps the only question today, January 25, 2008, is why haven’t any of these events seeped into this Presidential election cycle.

Today’s little tidbit is from the Clinton News Network online from January 14, 1996(not exactly ancient history). The online story is about William Safire and Maureen Dowd--not exactly the voices of Conservatives--who are blasting Hillary. Safire characterizes Hillary as a “congenital liar”, while Dowd berates Hillary for her “secrecy and righteousness”.

Now is this any way to treat the future First Lady? Bet they won’t be invited to any Whitehouse Press Dinners any time soon.

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