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Monday, January 07, 2008

Death Penalty Doctors

A kinder gentler execution

So what’s all this fuss over the Death Penalty, specifically Lethal Injection? The protests, angst and legal wrangling just mystifies me. Now the …..Supreme Court!

Look, I have a solution. If you are harboring any reservation about the “doomed” experiencing any discomfort prior to their final breath, I have some great news. There is no need to continue with medical doctors, if they can’t guarantee a pain free escape from life’s grip… let’s use veterinarians.

Last time I took Fluffy or before her, Tuffy to my local vet, the slide into the other side was quick, quiet and painless. In the matter of less than 2 minutes they went from here to the hereafter. Then a quick slip into the appropriate Hefty “body” bag and off to Wormville, no fuss, no muss, no kidding.

Time to stop appeasing those that have no compunction with killing fetuses with a stainless steel “Shop Vac”, but squeal like fleeing piggys at the notion of extinguishing the pilot light of a violent, brutal murderer, many of whom inflicted unspeakable acts upon innocent citizens.

And if we discover a shortage of veterinarians, we could most likely get some unemployed veterans to do the job. Hey, they share much of the same training and letters of their vocation. Sounds like a good match to me.

Remember, there is no shortage of “will” to provide the “Big Taxi” ride for the condemned to the other side…… just willing drivers.

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