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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily Hillary 1-26-08

The Clinton’s lying, cheating, stealing aren’t just legendary, they’re documented. And with Hillary running for the top banana, their shenanigans are being brought front and center once again… by Liberals. The Huffington Post recently brought back Hillary’s memory lapses in the Rose Law Firm billing records investigation, as a painful reminder of just how arrogant our First Lady Liar can be.

First, we all know that if Hillary had to take a polygraph test to become our nation’s leader, it would go off like a progressive slot machine at the MGM. Hillary has a well documented history of avoiding the Rose Law Firm billing records, concerning the Whitewater scandal, until she was brought before a Grand Jury. There she testified that she did not recall the billing records or what became of them.

However, long after Vince Foster did his testifying with a .38 caliber, one of Hillary’s assistants found a copy of the records in the First Lady’s “book room”, in the White House and handed them over. Fingerprint analysis revealed that only prints from Foster and Hillary were on the documents, leading investigators to presume only Hillary knew where and how the documents got there, since Vince was otherwise unavailable for comment.

So the obvious question is WHY wasn’t Hillary subjected to more intense scrutiny in the matter? Well one doesn’t question the First Lady, does one?

Now consider this: There are tens of thousands of Federal employees, that due to their job descriptions, must submit to a polygraph prior to employment. Yet many of us are about to vote for a nominee that not only will not take a lie detector test, but will not testify honestly before a grand jury. We don’t need to scrutinize Bill’s record for honesty, his lying is well documented as a convicted perjurer.

So the notion that we are about to elect a person who would not qualify to be a stock broker, a bank employee or a data processor for the FBI, should in every way give our Nation pause.

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