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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Annie's Helper January 9, 2007

Today’s dangling participle is “Sadder but Wiser” who just discovered that her husband of many years is having sex with men… many men. She says her husband seemed perfectly normal, except that he shaved his body, spent a lot of time on the computer and often needed a lot of personal time for “walks”, “shopping” and….. apparently sex with men.

Of course, “Sadder“ booted the miscreant and now spends most of her spare time in the shower, trying to get the “dirt“ off. But,“Sadder’s” biggest concern is that she may have a disease or two, for which she will be tested.

“Sadder” wants to know what kind of person does a thing like this.


Dear Sadder:

Looks like you got the situation under control. Hope the STDs are as well. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Time to purge this memory from the grey cells.

On the bright side, you are a very rare spouse. I can’t be gone for over 15 minutes without a subsequent who, what, where, why and how long report upon my return. On the other hand, the body shaving and excessive computer time should have been a tip off.

However, his 60 plus “boyfriends” begs the question, “how many other switch hitters are out there ‘shopping’?”

Kind of makes you wonder when hubby says he wants a Hummer doesn’t it?

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