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Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome mat for the Tata Nano

Just what the automotive world was waiting for. Yesterday’s announcement of the Nano by Tata Motors in India has erased any notion that irresponsibility can be trumped by common sense. If there is any good news, it will only be available initially in India, then Latin America and Africa. What… no USA dealers?

These Nanos are to automobiles what pimples are to Brittany Spears.

For example, let’s look at the specs. A 1000 lb four door that will sit comfortably in the back of your Ford pickup. It has a peppy two cylinder with less horsepower than my John Deere lawn mower, but it has three more seats. However unlike my mower, the Nano has a windshield with one wiper, to remove the bugs not splattered by the impact, but trying to mate with the gnat.

Tata touts the sparse features, like wind-up windows, no passenger mirror, very little metal, brakes and a steering wheel. (Hey look, I’m just repeating what they say) There are future plans to offer air conditioning, which will probably remove any possibility of moving while on.

There seem to be no plans to invade the U.S. with this abortion, but if they do Nanos will come with a complimentary map of about 5000 miles of mountainous roads and San Francisco streets this car will not climb with or without passengers.

The best of luck to Tata Motors with sincere wishes their condom covered go karts never see our shores.

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