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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Election Dissection

So today’s pop quiz is: When does campaign coverage stop and campaign influence begin. I don’t think it has gone unnoticed that the 24hr news networks are having a substantial effect on public opinion and the polls, which in turn have an effect on public opinion, then again the polls.

For example: Since early last year, you cannot go more than 10 minutes without a shot of Hillary Clinton, the “inevitable” nominee. Then Obama jumps in and Hillary has to share time with him. Mitt Romney then climbs on board with his bottomless checkbook and Mormon background to experience the initial rectal probe, before all those other meat-for-the-grinder decide to throw in their hats. You know, the ones that get treated like wallpaper in whatever room that Hillary or Barack happen to be speaking.

Fred Thompson however was the forbidden fruit. He refused to climb in to the campaign envelop until he felt he was wanted. His supporters committed the ultimate political sin of ignoring the media frenzy and demanded someone of principle, substance and character step in to act like the adult. Moreover, Fred committed the cardinal sin of silence when he wouldn’t betray his intentions to the pundits, patronizing reporters or political kingmakers, before they were finalized. Little did Fred know he had sealed his political fate.

In a world that has abandon substance for the salacious, character for charisma and principle for political expediency, the only thing worse than critical coverage is no coverage at all. Within minutes of his presidential bid, Fred was branded lazy, laidback and lacking of brute ambition. Cameras were turned away to focus on those with far more flaws, contradictions and excessive baggage. Fred’s intentions were dashed not due to qualifications, message or vision. They were dashed because his “negatives” wouldn’t hold a candle to his rivals. He was just a boring symbol of what this country needs the most.

On the other hand, Hillary and Bill are now experiencing the wrath of the Networks. Seems that Liberals are beginning to see what the Republicans have known for years, the Clintons lie, cheat and steal. Of course no Network or Liberal political junkie would be happy unless they praised a Republican that can be beat. And John McCain is that Republican.

McCain has more flip-flops, position switches and Democrat platform planks than Rudy has 9/11 buttons.

Certainly Edwards was never in it. He blew his wad in ‘04 with Kerry, the quasi-Kennedy. But this year it was his 28,000 sq. ft. house built on the backs of health care and insurance companies. And him, so self-absorbed, that he chose to drag his ailing wife around instead of pursuing her recovery with cancer.

Hunter, Kucinich, Gravelle, Tancredo, and a few others I won’t bother looking up never had a prayer. It was their moment to get their mugs and pet peeves in front of America. Better they should have grabbed Ron Paul on their way out than protract the lunacy.

No, the Networks have discovered what many of us have known for years. They cannot predict the outcome of an election, but by God they can try to direct it. Air time for, not only their favorites, but their Republican opponent as well. This year’s “sacrificial lamb” is John McCain-- War Hero, loose cannon, Washington insider, Conservative basher, Democrat in Republican clothing--who will wear this baggage around his neck once coronated as the Party contender. It is an open secret that true Conservatives will stay home in droves next November, all but insuring a Democrat will win the White House. And many will cross party lines to vote Democrat just to insure America’s destruction will be hung around the neck of the Democrat victor like a dead chicken.

Conservatives could go on for hours about the need for honor, character, principles, Federalism and core values, but it would be wasted on many and require explanation to the rest. Good luck America. Will see you at the polls in 2012, when we will be very lucky if there is anything left to save.

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