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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Annie's Helper January 26,2008

Today’s “quick study” is “Better Off Alone”, who is now pregnant and thinking about leaving her husband “Tom”. Seems that “Better” has just figured out that “Tom” is a self-absorbed, underachieving slacker that she has no intention of retaining once baby is born. She is tired of cooking, cleaning and caring for the yard while he just cruises around doing his own thing.

Low and behold, she just figured this out since getting pregnant! Now what is “Better” to do?


Dear “Better Off Alone”

Since you have figured out all this other stuff, it’s a wonder you can’t figure out the rest. Hell, you’re so smart, you don’t need him, you don’t us, you don’t need anybody. You’re just a one woman Thinkpad.

Too bad you couldn’t figure all this out BEFORE you decided to pro-create. Now you get to be both mom and dad to a child. Of course you can now make daddy’s life miserable hounding him for child support, screwing with his visitation rights and teaching the toddler to hate daddy from day one. Yes, you’re a real dandy mom in the fashion of Britney Spears, Kim Bassinger and Judy Powell (wife of a good friend, who made his life a living hell for over 15 years).

From just what you have said, you are an overachieving bitch, who will make anyone near you miserable over time. We won’t hold our breath waiting for the letter from your offspring in about 12 years.

Best of luck to all who come in contact with you.

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