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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Annie's Helper 1-30-08

Today’s missing link is “Want to Play” who recently had a 12 month affair. Then once the affair was over, she told her husband and wife of her paramour in an effort to purge her guilt. Now “Want” wants to rejoin an athletic league she left, which coincidently includes the “wronged” wife.
Seems that all of “Want’s” friends are on that team and she needs things to get back to the way they were. What is “Want” to do?


Dear “Want to Play”:

My first impression: Was there anyone who didn’t know about this dalliance? Did you walk around wearing a sandwich board with , “I am a two timing slut, please forgive me?”

Second thought: What makes you think your old team mates are now your friends? You can bet the ‘wronged’ wifey has branded you the skank you are. And unless you are on a Dodge Ball team, there is little hope you will get any attention from your former team.

And third: You are the reason God invented moving vans. Fill one up and move on.

The Dumbplumber.

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